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Student Code of Conduct

We have established standards of conduct to create and foster an environment that facilitates student learning and development. The Student Code of Conduct focuses on contains Code of Student Conduct (“Code”), which focuses on personal responsibility and accountability for students' actions and the impact those actions may have on the greater community.

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Concerns and Incident Reporting Forms

We are committed to responding appropriately to concerns and complaints, to provide a student with guidance and support. Please use this site to inform the appropriate office of the issue/concern. If you believe the student or the community is in immediate danger, please dial 911 or contact the University Police Department at 903.886.5868, before submitting a report.

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Hazing Policy

A&M-Commerce is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of the university community and prohibits hazing by a student(s), a student group(s), or an employee(s). Anyone with knowledge of hazing should immediately report the matter by submitting an Anonymous Hazing Report. A report can also be made by calling the University Police Department 903.886.5868. If you believe criminal activity is involved or there this immediate danger.

Our beliefs

Student Rights and Responsibilities has identified beliefs or values statements that we believe guide the work we strive to do in each of our communications and interactions with the community we serve. These statements are intended to remind us of how we accomplish our work and inform the community of our intentions to an educationally based process.

  • We believe in education and learning being a central part of every aspect of the conduct process.
  • We believe in accountability that promotes personal growth and decision-making.
  • We believe in promoting a consistent conduct process that is inclusive and equitable.
  • We believe in the impartial application of ethical and behavioral standards.

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